Dia De Familia at WSC

Jessica Palmillas, News Writer

Wayne State College hosted Dia de Familia on Oct. 9, informing Spanish-speaking families about campus for the fifth year. Dia de Familia is a great opportunity for families to visit and learn about campus life in the comfort of their native language. The event is held once during the fall semester and again in the spring semester.
“It’s significant for the event to be held on a Saturday because many prospective students have parents that work in meat packing plants and are only available on weekends,” Veronica Guzman, Assistant Director of Admissions, said.
This year, there were seven families that attended the special event.
“It’s a great way for Spanish-speaking families to learn about what Wayne State College has to offer,” Guzman said. “Many times, it’s the parents asking the questions.”
The day consists of breakfast, informative testimonies by students themselves, lunch, a campus tour and various presentations. The presentations last around 45 minutes, Guzman said.
“Families have the opportunity to learn about scholarships offered by the school, and even other scholarships offered by the community,” Guzman said.
The informative sessions are mostly about financial aid, Edi Hernandez, International and Multicultural Program Coordinator, said.
“Being able to provide a space to meet with university representatives important,” Hernandez said. “It’s inclusive for people who don’t necessarily speak English and they’ll know that when they come here they’ll be supported.”
The event is advertised at schools in the surrounding areas. Students are also invited through an advertisement in a Spanish newspaper and radio station. A segment was done about Dia de Familia recently, according to Guzman.
Dia de Familia all began due to an initiative in a diverse study on how the college can reach out to parents. According to Hernandez, there are ideas to reach out to more families that don’t speak English as their first language, but there are no set plans yet.