New WSC Sign


Agnes Kurtzhals

Wayne State College received a new sign that can be found in front the the Kanter Student Center on campus. Photo by to Agnes Kurtzhals.

Jennifer Castillo, News Writer

Wayne State College represented its pride through a new signage located in front of the student center.

A WSC signage was displayed in front of the student center on Sept. 17. The college is constantly looking for ways they can improve the campus experience for visitors and current students. Director of College Relations, Jay Collier, said this was an opportunity to give a little pride on who they are and for students and visitors to take a picture with it.

“We have a lot to be proud of here, we deliver a great education at an affordable price to people who want to come here for the atmosphere, who want to come here for the programs, who want to come here because this is what they can afford so why shouldn’t we have some pride for that,” Collier said.

The student center is where future students and visitors come to when they first visit the campus.

“For visitors we have our large visit programs there so when we bring high school seniors, high school juniors, when we bring group tours from area high schools from far away as Omaha and Lincoln that is the central place, so it really makes sense to put that there,” Collier said.

The idea of the signage was inspired by other campuses demonstrating their pride through flags, sculptures, and signages and WSC decided it was their turn.

The signage took months to be finished because the people who made it had to fabricate a large amount of steel. WSC was happy to receive the signage just in time for homecoming Collier said.

“It is obviously a great place to go and snap a picture, so I hope people will take advantage of that,” Collier said.

For the WSC signage, College Relations wanted a big and shiny design. The Wayne State Foundation paid for the signage by using a beautification fund they had. Another sign, a big w, was displayed on Sept. 30 on campus. The second signage is located at the end of the football field.

“It is made so that we can pick it up with a forklift and put it around campus for different events so we can bring it to the Willow Bowl for graduation or whatever,” Collier said.

The signs have positive social media interactions and are a visible representation of WSC’s pride.