WSC Podcast Review – “For the Girls: Kortney 2.0”


Luke Stara, News Writer

On the fourth floor of Humanities, Kortney Fethkenher and Kortney Buresh record their podcast, “For the Girls: Kortney 2.0.” There the two talk about what they go through during college and share their experiences with other college students.

The idea of the podcast is to give insight to college students about self-improvement and how the two women handle college life.

Fethkenher, a junior at Wayne State College, talked with Buresh last semester about starting the podcast.

“One day in class, Kortney asked if I wanted to do a podcast and wanted to know if that was something I wanted to do,” Fethkenher said.

After agreeing to do the podcast, the first three episodes were made last semester and released this semester.

“It was something I always wanted to do and doing it with Kortney made it easier for me,” Buresh said.

While both were deciding on the name, they wanted it to give a name that would stick and give an overview of what the topics in the podcast would be about.

They have received over one hundred plays on the first three episodes. Buresh and Fethkenher are happy with how the podcast has started out and want to be as honest and genuine as possible.

“I feel like Kortney (Buresh) and I wanted to make it as good as can be, “ Fethkenher said. “With the topics we talk about and reach people we had to be open.”

One challenge with this podcast is aligning the schedules with both Buresh and Fethkenher.

“We’re lucky our topics don’t have to be avoided, but scheduling time for preparation and recording the podcast can be a challenge,” Buresh said.

According to Fethkenher, editing is the main part of a podcast that goes unrecognized to listeners.

“We can spend up to three hours on editing an episode and it can be a tedious process,” Fethkenher said.

In their episode about stress, they talked about handling stress in college and how they have dealt with college. The pair talked about how they would try to keep their mind off stress. In this episode, Fethkenher said, “It’s ok to not be ok. Just make sure to reach out and talk to your friends or those who you love.”

Buresh enjoys hearing what people think of their podcast and wants to listen to what the audience wants.

“We have a list of things people want to hear us talk about. We are planning to use those responses to create ideas for episodes. We want it to be as interactive as possible with the audience,” Fethkenher said.

The “For the Girls: Kortney 2.0” podcast can be found on Apple music and Spotify. The podcast airs on 91.9 The Cat FM on Wednesdays at 6 p.m.