Wayne State College hosts Hope presentation

Kathryn Vlaanderen, Staff Writers

Wayne State College will host the Hope Presentation, a new discussion about mental health on Oct. 6.

The Hope Presentation will start at 3:15 p.m. in the Niobrara Room located in the Kanter Student Center.  The event is sponsored by the WSC Counseling Center and the Midtown Health Clinic. Guest speaker, Andreas Sandoval, will speak on the critical role of hope when confronted with suicide and mental health struggles.  This presentation provides a fresh take on helping those struggling with mental health issues and is a fresh perspective on mental health, but at a different angle than what has been previously viewed. 

The presentation will also provide insight into the stigma and public attitudes towards today’s societal ideal of mental health.  Director of Student Health and Counseling, Alicia Dorcey McIntosh, states

“Just like with a physical illness, it is okay to receive help dealing with mental health because that is a part of being human,” Alicia Dorcey McIntosh, director of Student Health and Counseling, said. “Mental Health in colleges are rising… depression and anxiety with college students has increased.  Part of it is due to Covid 19 and isolation with students.”

The presentation strives to provide students who find it hard to get back to normal, after the Covid-19 pandemic, a reason for how important it is to live their best life and how to manage their own mental health with a variety of different tips. 

The Midtown Health Clinic receives a grant that allows them to provide services, much like this program, to the Wayne community and surrounding counties.

“Midtown Health Center is committed to providing the highest quality of health care to the residents of Norfolk, Madison, West Point, and the surrounding areas,” Kim Kwanpnoiski, Midtown Health Clinic Marketing Director, said. “We offer quality medical, behavioral health, and dental services that are affordable, accessible, and patient-focused.  Our team works together to help all our patients achieve their highest level of health without regard to income, insurance, language is spoken, or other determinants that can create barriers to care.”

The presentation will be mask-optional, and all students and residents are welcomed to attend by both the clinic and the counseling center. For the individuals who are still wary of Covid 19 exposure; Student Health and Counseling is also working on an option to view the presentation via Facebook Live for comfort.   For more information, eventgoers can contact the WSC Student Health and Counseling Center.