Pete Ricketts: Vegan hater, useless governor

Kaitlynn Breeden, Associate Editor

On this week of “How Dumb is Dumb?” Gov. Pete Rickett’s continues to waste his time on stuff that doesn’t matter. Last week, Rickett’s accused Colorado’s governor of orchestrating a “direct attack on our way of life,” after Gov. Jared Polis urged residents to go meatless one day per week.
Ricketts said that people who don’t eat meat would “not only undermine nutritious diets but also undermine our food security in this country and of course harm our farmers and ranchers.”
So now the question is, does Rickett’s hate vegans? Is he unaware that 10.61% of Americans are vegetarians? Not everyone likes red meat or wants to eat it. Having a day once a week where you don’t consume meat isn’t new, as 20% of Nebraskans follow the Catholic religion.
Catholics abstain from meat on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday and the Fridays during Lent. In a turn of events, Ricketts is a Roman Catholic, and a hypocrite!
As of last week, we have learned that Rickett’s has a burning passion for red meat, and a distaste for the legalization of marijuana.
Rickett’s claimed last week that, “If you legalize marijuana, you’re gonna kill your kids. That’s what the data shows from around the country…Big pot, big marijuana is a big industry.” Rickett’s has been running with the idea that marijuana will slaughter all children, but he apparently doesn’t realize that you physically cannot overdose on the drug. However, according to the DEA, “No deaths from overdose of marijuana have been reported.”
Rickett’s believes smoking marijuana can kill you, but isn’t aware that him not wearing a mask could’ve potentially killed another person if he had COVID-19 during his mask-less night out in Omaha.
In November of 2020, Rickett’s appeared maskless at DJ’s Dugout, taking photos with other plague rats (maskless people) and even held a baby, that he could’ve possibly infected because we were and still are in a pandemic. A 25-year-old server saw the maskless governor and filmed him, asking him where his mask is. The video went viral, and critics slammed Ricketts for not wearing a mask and for refusing to issue a mask mandate in our state. The server was fired from the bar for violating the company’s social media and cellphone policy. But she should be honored for capturing the maskless dud and filming his idiocy.
Everyone hates bad press, but Rickett’s seemingly creates it for himself by making dumb statements and focusing on stuff most Nebraskan’s don’t care about.
When I asked fellow WSC students to describe Rickett’s in one word, I received these words: disgrace, selfish dictator, Stalin, forgettable, useless, moron, dumb and scumbag.
The next time you embarrass yourself in public, just remember that there’s nothing more embarrassing than Rickett’s being our governor.