What’s happening with Whitney: 10th edition

Whitney Winter, Staff Writer

 We are in the home stretch of this semester. Only three more weeks until a six-week holiday vacation. 

If you had asked me in the middle of September if I thought we were going to make it through the entire semester, being allowed to stay on campus, I would have laughed because that notion seemed absurdAs we near the end of the semester, I have reevaluated my thoughts on the situation. Even though I have been at home for the last four weeks because I am being quarantined for two different close positive encounters (my best friend and my dad), I would have to say Wayne State students have done a decent job of minimizing exposure risks in dorms and academic buildings.  

Being at home for four straight weeks due to quarantine has been a struggle to keep up with classesI have yet to take an exam for one of my classes that was scheduled three weeks ago. Also, I have the upmost respect for Deb Whitt for being on top of course work and being so flexible with our class.  

In my opinion, I have been robbed a part of my education because of the WSC COVID-19 exposure procedures. Each time I got tested for COVID-19, each of the tests came back negative and I have never had any symptoms. If I had been able to return to campus after testing negative the first time, I would not have been exposed the second time which resulted in my month-long quarantine.  

If you cannot tell right now with the tone of this writing, I am low-key upset.  

I do not remember the last time I learned something in one of my classes. One of my classes, which I struggled with before quarantine, will be an absolute nightmare to return to. This class is a course you have to present in the classroom to actively listen and learn to be able to comprehend the course material. I have been robbed of learning the material, and most likely will not pass the final exam with a good grade because it is a comprehensive final about what the professor lectures over.  

But who cares anyway if I learn anything and pass my classes? All the college wants is the money for the 18 credits I am taking. If they did care, WSC would have the professors required to have a Zoom option for every class and lab, but they do not!  

This is where I shall leave my tirade about my situation. I hope everyone stays safe in these final weeks of the semester