Haven House raises awareness during Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Byron Carrera, Staff Writer

For Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Haven House has been putting up posters, flyers and displays around town and on campus.

An intern at the Haven House, Sarah Nicole Hunter, has been getting together with the sports teams at Wayne State College to help spread awareness. The teams have been making t-shirts and hanging them up in the recreation center “Anyone who walks in there will be able to see the shirts and know what they stand for,” Hunter said.

“Domestic violence is not only physical abuse, but it can also be emotional, financial and sexual,” outreach coordinator Maureen Carrigg, said.

Domestic violence is a violent or aggressive behavior within the home, typically involving the violent abuse of a spouse’s partner.

Domestic violence can be seen in many ways, but a partner being overly physical is the most common. “If a partner is being dominant in a way the other person doesn’t like, that is a form of domestic violence,” Carrigg said.

The Haven House is always accepting donations. If someone wishes to donate something to them, they have a wish list on their website that says what they are needing.

Haven House has five locations in total that are Cedar, Dakota, Dixon, Thurston and Wayne. They even have high school students helping raise awareness in their schools. At Winside High School, some classes are competing against each other for who can gather more supplies in a supply drive. The winner gets a prize, and they help gather supplies for Haven House that go towards victims of domestic violence.

Anyone who wishes to help Haven House can volunteer to help with any projects being done by them. Go online to their website and email them or you can visit them at their nearest location.

Carrigg said Haven House has a 24-hour crisis hotline available to everyone. The number is 1-800-440-4633. Do not be afraid to reach out for help. Haven House is there to help you and not judge you.