What’s happening with Whitney: 7th edition

Whitney Winter, Staff Writer

What is your favorite part of a meal? You’re probably thinking dessert, right? My entire life is filled with cooking and baking but what has been a real bonding experience is making various desserts with my grandmothers and great-grandmother.

Has baking made a special bond with anyone? Were you able to swoon your boy/girlfriend by making a sweet treat? My favorite desserts are cookies, cheesecake, carrot cake, an about anything made with fruit.

During this time of the year (harvest) my family always makes molasses cookies for the men in the field. If you have never had a soft molasses cookie then you are not living your life to the fullest.

During a September antique tractor and parts show near my hometown, I always buy freshly handmade molasses from a local farmer. The family makes the molasses on sight during the two-day event. These cookies are filled with molasses and ginger and come out of the oven light and airy. They have a rich molasses taste to them and are the perfect autumn treat. We will make a “sandwich” with the cookies by taking a cookie, frosting the top of it and then taking another cookie and squishing it all together.

Recently we had a new hired hand working with our team driving the auger wagon and semis. He had never had a molasses cookie before! So, guess what, we corrupted him by giving him cookie sandwich. Who knew that he would fall in love with them? I did, I knew he’d like them. We also make soft sugar cookies for harvest as well. The farm crew always jokes that they have to wear larger pants during harvest because of how well they are fed for three-four weeks in a row. The crew never turns down anything we make and bring to the field. In the past we have made them steaks, smoked pork loin, fried chicken, and various meat cuts. If they leave the field hungry, then it is their own faults (and they know that).

Another dessert I love to make during autumn is peach or apple crisp. All with fruit from our friend’s and family’s trees. Peaches one of the best fruits to bake with (in my opinion). Fruit crisps are so easy, you just add a thickener to the fruit and top it with a cinnamon and oat topping.

For most people dessert is just another course after dinner or supper but desserts can be more than that. I challenge you to make a new dessert with your family or friends this week.
We have made it past the half way mark of the semester so stay string! See you here next week.