Which creep do I vote for?

Nick Ulrich, Opinion Editor

Well, it’s official. Bernie Sanders has suspended his campaign for the presidency. I can’t say I’m shocked because even if Bernie had received widespread support from the people of the United States, just as it happened four years ago, the superdelegates would have voted for the more central of the two and proved their lack of concern for what the people want.

I wasn’t even supporting Sanders from the beginning like a lot of people. I thought Yang would be a more suitable president for the current era. His freedom dividend of giving $1000 a month to everyone seemed like an incredible idea. Especially now that Trump has handed out $1200 to everyone because some people don’t have a job. The first one was socialism though. The second is a… stimulus package? Imagine if no one had to worry about being homeless or not being able to eat because they lost their job.

Perhaps the saddest part about all of it is the idea that Sanders is somehow so far-left that it would be impossible to get elected. In reality, Sanders barely scratches the surface of left-leaning politics in the entire world and tends to be just left of center for European countries. In America, he’s a socialist and disrupting the American values of… I don’t quite know anymore. Selective starvation and poverty?

A lot of people used a common social media phrase, “Vote Blue no matter who.” This always bothered me because it basically shows the Democratic Party (who is more centrist than left) that they can choose their most central, least progressive candidate and us liberals will still vote for them.

And now I’ve got to vote for Biden even though I don’t want to. I want to vote for a candidate with a history of supporting the disenfranchised. I want to vote for a candidate without a history of sexual assault. But we live in a two-party system which means if I vote for anyone but Biden, it’s equivalent to a half-vote toward Trump. I hope at some point in the future, Democrats will have the time to make a stand and separate into a couple more parties. Perhaps if Democrats see that their people would actually like some socialist policies, they’d be less inclined to cancel anyone supporting Medicare-for-all or the freedom dividend.

So I, Nick Ulrich, am going to make a request to all the liberal readers here. This year, let’s vote for Biden. I know, I know. I don’t want to either, but it’s either that or Trump for this year, and I can’t let my girl, Ruth, be replaced by some old white anti-choice judge. Then, next election, or maybe the one after that if it’s less important, if the Democrats try to give us some centrist who’s barely better than Trump, let’s vote third party, maybe check out the Green Party or the Democratic Socialist Party if it’s popular by then.