Week 2: Binging through the Outbreak

Nick Ulrich, Opinion Editor

Foreign Movies and TV Shows tend to be a bit hit or miss. They’re either exceptional or overly specific and confusing. This list will provide readers with 5 foreign Netflix feats of brilliance that are guaranteed to entertain.

“Dark”: German TV Drama – Netflix

When children start disappearing in the German town of Winden, Jonas Kahnwald and his teenage friends try to figure out what’s happening while keeping their own families safe.With overtones of environmental protection and familial duty, the two seasons of drama will have viewers on the edge of their seats. Compared often to another popular Netflix show, “Stranger Things”, the Sci-Fi drama has won two German TV awards and offers a tremendous English dub for viewers who can’t stand subtitles. (No judgement here)

“The Platform”: Spanish Thriller – Netflix

Perhaps the most unsubtle metaphor for Capitalism, this modern prison offers one platform of food that starts on the top floor and works it’s way to the lowest floor, with members on each floor being randomized each month. Watch Goreng try to maintain his morals in a world that places personal satisfaction over moral decency.

“A Twelve-Year Night”: Uruguayan Drama – Netflix

Based on the true stories of 3 Uruguayan rebels taken hostage by the government during a brutal dictatorship, “La Noche de 12 Años” relates the human experiences of solitary confinement and the solidarity of prisoners kept apart over 12 years. With flashbacks of rebellion and a touching story of hope, this Golden Pyramid Award winner is a must see.

“Train to Busan”: Korean Zombie Thriller – Netflix

Divorced father and workaholic, Seok-woo is attempting take his child, Su-an to her mother in Busan for Su-an’s birthday. When members of the train start turning into zombies, Seok-woo and other train members fight to stay alive and together. With an overarching battle of greed vs. love, this action-packed movie surpasses most zombie flicks.

“Okja” / “Snowpiercer”: Korean-English Sci-Fi Dramas – Netflix

From “Parasite” director, Bong Joon-Ho, comes two incredible Korean-American movies. With scenes in English and Korean throughout the film, Bong displays his incredible directing and writing talent with two tremendous scripts. In Okja, young Mija in South Korea forms a bond with a new “Super pig,” Okja, produced by a US environmentalist company. When the company comes to reclaim their pig, Mija fights for Okja and learns the disgusting details of the corporation. With an obvious theme of animal rights, this beautiful film is a favorite of animal activists everywhere.