Rustic Treasures, Mindshaft to close down

Halleigh Hawkins, Staff Writer

The City of Wayne is losing two downtown businesses as Rustic Treasures and Mindshaft will close. The 1912 Emporium will move into the former Rustic space.

Owners Mark Kanitz and Lukas Rix opened Rustic Treasures opened in 2013, while 1912 Emporium opened its doors in 2017. Gabby Todd, an Emporium employee, said it is located in the former Wayne City Hall, which was built in 1912.

“Years later, it was used as an auditorium and other stores. Finally, Mark and Lukas took on the work to transform the building into a beautiful store that many people travel to,” Todd said.

The Emporium is the largest retailer of industrial décor and farmhouse style in the area. Todd said Kanitz and Rix have expanded the Emporium as a new store, Prairie, in Bloom, Nebraska, near Omaha. She said the time commitment of a new business in Bloom resulted in the owners’ decision to close Rustic Treasures and Mindshaft.

Mindshaft, located behind Rustic Treasures, had been used to display larger items such as couches, dressers and dining sets. “Rustic Treasures was open for seven years,” Todd said. “It was a great seven years for the business owners and the community, but after the long, tiring seven days each week, it was time to put the business to an end.”

Todd said the employees of Rustic Treasures do have the option of continuing employment at 1912 Emporium.

“Working for Mark and Lukas has been nothing but great,” Todd said. “They provide a fun work environment yet have high expectations for each employee, which I think is vital to have to run a successful business. Within this past two years of working for them, there has been a lot of change, laughter, hard work, and it has all been so worth it. I cannot wait to see what the following years have in store.”

Todd said the owners are considering opening another business in the Omaha area. “The closing of Rustic Treasures will allow them to put more time and hard work into 1912 Emporium,” Todd said.