ACT club to attend conference at Northeast

Kate Lundahl, Staff Writer

The Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow club at Wayne State College will be taking a trip to the “Ag-ceptional Women’s Conference” at Northeast Community College in Norfolk Nov. 22.

Wayne State’s ACT chapter is part of a national collegiate organization that provides students an outlet to network with agriculture leaders.

Brenna Vovos, ACT club president, said the club has opened the door for her to connect with many professionals in the industry. Vovos also said the upcoming conference in Norfolk is one of many such opportunities.

Deborah Whitt, the department chair and a professor of communication arts, said the club is media rich and allows students to experience how radio, television and journalism can be utilized in the agriculture industry.

In Fall 2017, WSC rolled out a major in agricultural communication and leadership. After noticing surrounding colleges had an ACT club associated with similar programs of study, Whitt started the club last year. Liz Viall became assistant advisor this year.

Whitt and Viall are co-advisors for the ACT club and remain active in club meeting and activities, like the cookie giveaway the club held at Mid Plains Grain on Oct. 18.
Vovos said when Whitt approached her about starting the club at WSC, she was the only student in the agricultural communications and leadership major. Since then, her major and ACT club have slowly grown in size.

“I think we have found the right people that are motivated to help bring this club to its full potential,” Vovos said.

“Agriculture is the top business in Nebraska and neighboring states, and with that comes more jobs with large corporations,” Whitt said. “They all need communications experts to help promote their business, help with public relations and connecting people. They need communications specialists.”

Whitt said that Nebraskan agriculture involves a lot of international trade. To help prepare students to be successful in this environment, Whitt teaches an intercultural communications class.

“A lot of international business is really developing trust first and that takes communication,” Whitt said.

Vovos said ACT club gives its members a way to connect with the agriculture industry in a meaningful way.

“ACT is a great way to support farmers in and around Wayne while having fun,” Vovos said. “I think with time it will only continue to grow into something bigger.”

Vovos said she is excited to see where the club will be in the future, since ACT is still limited by a small amount of funds.

ACT club is open to all WSC students and meets the first Monday of every month at 4 p.m. in the Humanities building, Room 205.