RH Association offers fun activities

Emma Gardner, Staff Writer

The Residence Hall Association is a student-led organization designed to plan and host interactive events for students living on-campus.

“The biggest goal we have is to be the voice between the residents and the Residence Life department, and we do this by hosting multiple events geared towards the residents’ benefit,” Katie Ryckman, president of RHA, said.

RHA meets biweekly, and the next club meeting will be Thursday, Oct. 24, in the Meadowlark room in the Kanter Student Center.

“We are open to hearing new ideas and are welcoming to all who would like to join,” Karly Smith, one of RHA’s executive board members, said.

“RHA is a fun group of people who are extremely accepting,” freshman member Bria Kob said. “They’ve quickly become like family to me. It’s a fantastic way to get involved.”

Smith said the meetings usually start out with a get-to-know-you activity, and then they discuss upcoming events and how to make sure they are successful.

“It is really fun to share and listen to other members’ ideas about activities that would be of interest to residents,” Smith said.

RHA’s next events will be Monster Mash and Turkey Bowling. Monster Mash will be held in the Frey Conference Room on Friday, Oct. 25, at 6 p.m.

“I am super excited about the Monster Mash,” Kob said. “It’ll be so much fun, and it’s always so nice to do something that benefits the community!”

The annual Turkey Bowling, where participants donate a canned good to bowl with a frozen turkey for prizes based on how many pins they knock down, will take place Nov. 21 on the Bowen lawn, Ryckman said.

“Who doesn’t love Halloween candy and bowling a frozen turkey to earn a prize?” Smith said.

Another popular event hosted by RHA is Nacho Hotline, and Ryckman said it’s her personal favorite of all their events.

RHA holds the annual Nacho Hotline on the Sunday before finals week, and members deliver nachos to the front desks of students’ residence halls with the help of WALK students. This year, Nacho Hotline will take place on Dec. 8.

Other events that RHA hosts include: the Willy Olympics, which took place during homecoming week; Wayne’s Got Talent, a talent show that takes place during the spring semester; and Grocery Bingo, where on-campus residents can play bingo for the chance to win a bag of free groceries.