My addiction confession

Morgan Cardenas, Staff Writer

I have a confession to make. I have an addiction. No, I’m not talking about drugs or alcohol, even though I should probably cut back on the alcohol, and don’t even get me started on my coffee addiction.

What I’m talking about, is tattoos and piercings. I. Love. Tattoos. I personally have three tattoos and three non-traditional piercings along with my regular earlobe piercings. My first tattoo was when I was 18 and my mom took me to get it for my birthday. Since then, I’ve just been wanting to continuously get more and more. It’s definitely true when people say ‘after the first, you just can’t stop.’

I’m lucky enough to have parents who all have multiple tattoos or piercings, so they’ve always been super on board with me adding more ink. The only argument I have with them is when my mom likes to tell me I don’t have the money to get more. I mean, she’s not wrong but don’t let her know that.

Even with the small amount that I do have, I still hear things like “You’ll never get a job with those,” or “Too many of them make you look scary.” This stereotype is literally the dumbest thing I have to listen to, and I listen to a lot of dumb things. My having tattoos has no correlation with my work ethic or performance nor should it scare anyone. If people are really that concerned about them, come up and ask about the reasons behind them. It may surprise you.

My grandpa is someone who has actually told me the reason I get tattoos and piercings is because my biological father likes them as well. Which is true, my dad very much so loves them. However, my love of tattoos and such is because I see them as another way to express myself and my love of art.

I used to be a shyer and more reserved person growing up and didn’t really talk about myself or my interests. When I started getting tattoos, I felt more like myself and now have a way to start conversations with people. Sometimes I hear the whole thing about regretting them when I get older or have kids, but I like to see them as sort of a map of my life and where I was at the time that I got them.

I just see tattoos as something beautiful and fun to get, whether they have an actual meaning behind them or they were just for fun. All tattoos are awesome and those who have them shouldn’t be judged for making the decision and having the balls to actually sit down and get them done. They hurt. In the end though, it’s so worth it and I would never change getting them done or wanting more.