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  • Student Senate President Jorge Adame and Vice President Morgan Sudbeck are prepared to make a difference this semester as the voice of the students.

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Elijah Herrington, Staff Writer

The Wayne State College Student Senate president, Jorge Adame, and the vice president Morgan Sudbeck began their term this year with plans of leaving a legacy of improvements for students.

“I truly enjoy working with my peers by coming together on ideas and issues that are important to campus,” Sudbeck said. “Making a better Wayne State and leaving our legacy is something we strive for as a group.”

One of the many projects for the senate office this year is financing an update to the popular nature trail.

“I know a lot of students run it and walk it, walk their dogs on it,” Adame said. “I know I do that often. The trail itself needs repaved.” Adame said.

“We anticipate helping the nature trail in some form,” Sudbeck said. “The trail itself is in poor condition and needs to be replaced. This year, Senate will be looking at prices and materials we may use to replace the current trail on campus.”

Other updates to campus include a plan to transform the tennis courts into new areas.

“Right now the plan is to change the first set of tennis courts to basketball courts,” Sudbeck said. “The middle will transform into a multipurpose surface for things like roller blading and soccer.

Lastly, the last set of tennis courts will get redone and remain tennis courts.”

The total cost of this project is about $88,000. Both Adame and Sudbeck oversee allocations and the remaining balance in the reserve fund.

“To reach some of these goals, the senate will have to make decisions on the importance of how to spend and divide the funds,” Sudbeck said.

Beyond these updates to the physical face of campus, Adame and Sudbeck plan to open communication between their office and the student body for ideas regarding needed change around campus.

“I just like talking with the student body,” Adame said. Making sure my senators have that open communication with their constituents. We will have surveys. We will have polls to see what students want, and to see if we are really addressing the issues that they have.”

According to Sudbeck, they collectively want to maintain good communication in order effectively cover all groups on campus.

“At the end of the day it’s just about communication and about having that open communication and transparency,” Adame said. “Not only between student senate and the students, but also bridging between the students themselves and the administration.”

Other plans for the year include continuation of the ongoing discussions between the student body and the administration.

“I know our grading scale is outdated,” Adame said. “I think that’s one of my personal big pushes that I want to do, is revamping our grading scale to mimic that of Peru State and Chadron State.”

The student senate office also wants feedback and discussion on the observance of Martin Luther King Day.

“With this, there will most likely be some surveying and studies done by the inclusion chair representative on Senate,” Sudbeck said. “The senate as a whole wants to represent campus and have the best interest of everyone while being in compliance with college policy.”

Students with questions or concerns can reach out to student senate by email at [email protected].

Julia Baxter
Student Senate President Jorge Adame and Vice President Morgan Sudbeck are prepared to make a difference this semester as the voice of the students.