New vendors, new options


Tim Bartz

Wayne State College welcomed new vendors in Kanter Student Center and Conn Library. Build (above) allows students to create their own pizza.

Emma Gardner, Staff Writer

Wayne State College renewed its food contract with Chartwells this summer and brought in several new vendors, along with new meal plans, in hopes to improve the on-campus dining experience.

New vendors include Einstein Bros Bagels and Caribou Coffee in the library, as well as Erbert and Gerbert’s Sandwich Shop, Smoked, and Build to Cat’s Corner. Students said they are excited about the new changes in vendors, but weary about the new meal plans.

After the completion of the 2018-2019 academic year, WSC was looking to re-vamp its food contract. In June 2019 at the Nebraska State College Board meeting, the WSC food contract with Chartwells was renewed. Student Senate President Jorge Adame had a lot to say about the changes from behind-the-scenes.

“A lot of the changes were student-driven,” Adame said. “Opinions were taken into consideration from student surveys when putting together our contract and the bids that we wanted from vendors.”

This year’s meal plans consist of an Unlimited Plan, 225 Meal Block Plan or 190 Meal Block Plan for all students, and a 100 Meal Block Plan for returning or transfer students. Each plan comes with a certain amount of flex dollars, and you can only transfer two swipes per week for vendors in Cat’s Corner or the library.

Ashley Vanmeeteren, former vice president of Student Senate, had a lot to say on the new meal plans.

“I think what Chartwells is doing with the new plans is going to be a lot more feasible for students to use, and it’s going to provide them with more flexibility in the long-run,” Vanmeeteren said.

One primary change in the upper cafeteria is the serving style.

“Students are able to go up and serve their own plates instead of being served portions by student or staff workers,” Vanmeeteren said.

When it comes to the changes in Cat’s Corner, junior Aidan Toimill could not be happier. Toimill is a huge fan of Erbert and Gerbert’s.

“I enjoy the variety and the quality of ingredients they have to offer at Erbert and Gerbert’s,” Toimill said.

Erbert and Gerbert’s offers a “couple up” meal combo which includes half of any sandwich and a cup of soup. However, that is currently the only meal deal that can be transferred as a meal swipe without having to spend some of your flex dollars. This is a concern to many students, as last year each vendor provided some sort of meal deal that equated to one swipe.

“They switched their systems over the summer, so the combos just aren’t in the system yet,” Adame said. “As soon as those combos go into the system they will put signs out for meal deals just like they had last year.”

Tim Bartz
Wayne State College welcomed new vendors in Kanter Student Center and Conn Library. Build (above) allows students to create their own pizza.