Parking Problems

Thoughts from a senior

Julia Baxter, Staff Writer

Dear Wayne State College,

I don’t know why you are refusing to see the simple math involved in what is likely the most aggravating problem that students on, and off campus face, parking. I don’t understand why you are consistently celebrating the ever increasing freshman enrollment classes, when you are doing nothing to make student parking easier or more accessible.

I, and many other students, shouldn’t have to be foaming at the mouth as we battle to the death over a parking spot on campus, that’s right a parking spot on campus. Not close to buildings or a reasonable distance on a small campus, just on campus in general. One day I showed up 20 minutes early to get a spot and I was excited about getting to park at the hospital, because when I returned to my car later that day, I saw multiple cars parked in the unpaved mud and grass plot next to the parking lot. Unbelievable that I am paying for college, my parking pass included, and then am limited to such small parking constrictions that I have run out of options on campus that I am allowed to park in.

I have two suggestions to fix the problem, get rid of sectional parking passes, if the college is going to make me choose between fighting like Rocky in the ring and training like Rocky on the mountain, the least you could do is make it an even playing ground for all.

My second suggestion is, and this may baffle you, get more parking. Perhaps by building a parking garage over lot ten and having all of the on campus students park there so that commuters have a little extra room.

I’m just saying, something has to give, or your incoming class sizes will,

Sincerely, one of MANY disgruntled students.