The superior streaming service

Evelyn Knox, Staff Writer

I have came to the official conclusion that Netflix is the superior movie streaming site.

My roommate and I had a debate about this the other day, and after a long deliberation we both came to the same conclusion. There is a reason why it is called ‘Netflix and Chill’ and not “Hulu and Hang”.

There is nothing better than coming home from classes, popping some popcorn and curling up in your dorm bed with your lap top while binge watching your favorite Netflix TV show.

For me, this was always The Office, arguably the best show on Netflix.

One of the main reasons I would have to say that makes Netflix the superior streaming site is because of its lack of commercials.

Yes, it is true that Netflix does not stream weekly episodes of shows are currently airing but it makes up for that by not having pesky commercials.

Personally, I rather wait a while and binge watch a tv show when it is released on Netflix anyways, so that I don’t have to worry about watching toilet paper or dish soap commercials.

Let’s be honest here, us college students love us a good “Netflix and Chill” sesh with a good buddy.

With over 5,000 streaming titles, you are for sure able to find a good series or movie to watch with a friend.

Netflix has over 139 million subscribers worldwide. Current projections have Netflix reaching 200 million subscribers by the year 2020.

In addition, Netflix has added more movies and tv shows from their rather popular Netflix Original collection.

Popular Netflix originals that you may have already watched or have heard of in the past year are, The Kissing Booth, Dear White People, Orange is the New Black, and the most recent hit Bird Box.

We all saw the memes on Twitter and Facebook of The Bird Box challenge.

To be a superior movie or tv streamer, you have to have access to more than one Movie Streaming service. Personally, I have my own Netflix account and also have the logins from friends of Hulu and HBO to complete my TV and movie binge watching obsession. Be sure to give a special thanks to the one friend in the group or your older sibling that actually pays for the account that your whole squad shares.

I will admit, it is nice to have access to multiple streaming sites, but if you have the opportunity to have just one of them choose Netflix, then just be sure to snag login info from a friend.