Alumni visit for Music Alumni Day

Current students got involved as well

Ana Mata, Staff Writer

Both former and current students had a chance to get to know each other over the weekend at the Music Alumni Day.

Rehearsals and meet & greets were held at the Peterson Fine Arts building for current students who are involved, or wish to be involved, with the music department. Alumni were also invited back to meet old friends and see the campus after their time away.

“I probably had some of my best years here and it’s good to be back,” said alumna Jennifer Wood, a political science major. “It’s good to see the program grow.”

Due to bad weather, the Alumni Band day was rescheduled. Even with the rescheduling, the music department held a nice event for both the public and students to engage in.

“I wish we’d have had a chance to sing some more with them [Alumni],” said Myah Gibney, a secondary English education major. “I love the songs we sing; Dr. Armstrong picked some great songs for us to sing with the alumni.”

“We mostly worked with the alumni, chatted away about what they do, and then the concert,” Gibney said. “I’m not sure about the band, but the choir worked with the alumni for about an hour and a half, separated into two rehearsals during the day.”

Alumni were thrilled to be able to see one another after graduation. Alumni said due to busy schedules, it’s hard to be able to see old friends and catch up and Music Alumni day was a nice way to see everyone again.

“I’ve had a lot of stuff going on and they’ve always been my rock and my support group,” Wood said. “It’s good to see everybody again.”

Music Alumni day ended with the Alumni Day Concert featuring the WSC Concert Choir and the Alumni Band and Choir with Dr. Angela Miller-Niles as the accompanist. Students and alumni were able to perform together for the public. Both old and new voices and talents came together to show their skills and experience.

“It was interesting to have a mix of voices in the choir, adding a new tone to the sound,” Gibney said. “The alumni were really fun to work with.”

The music department encourages those that are interested to join next semester and become a part of the growing department.

“I highly recommend they join,” Gibney said. “I’ve made plenty of friends and had great experiences and they should get the chance to as well.”