Madness, madness and stupidity

Dead in the Water

Jacob Stewart, Staff Writer

For nearly two years, America has waited – some with hope, others drowning in fear – of what the Muller investigation would turn up, and after all this time, after all of the indictments, the country has been informed that Individual 1 is innocent, free of any connection with Russia in the 2016 Presidential Election. That’s right readers, the news we’ve all been waiting for, only to have it be revealed as one of the biggest letdowns of the decade. And here I am, sitting at my computer, cursing the fact that I actually believed the sane would win this time around….

The only solace I’ve found this week is that there is still no sign of Adonis.

It appears that my deranged attorney has either given up on his plans of wrecking our humble little town, or he is completely lost. Both are possible, but even this does little to improve the foul mood that has taken over.

Everything was pointing at guilt. Yet here we are, a nation being told to believe that Donald Trump, of all people, is innocent. For some, this is probably the most uplifting news they’ve heard in their lives, and for those people, I must say, what sad lives you live.

We’ve been told not to believe the news, we’ve been urged to trust in one man who is unwilling to release his college transcripts (not to mention, his tax returns) over every intelligence agency, and we’ve been force-fed one spoonful of shit after another for three years.

Whether it be his relationship with Putin or the Saudi Royal Family, we’ve been asked to accept the idea that Trump is innocent. At least that’s what the braindead brownnosers at Fox want you to believe. For those paying attention, there’s an entirely different story.

While Muller found no connection of Trump working with Russia to interfere in the election, there was no mention of Trump being exonerated, despite the multiple times Trump has said it has.

He’s not out of the woods yet, folks, and like Adonis, let’s hope he never finds his way out of them. There’s still a chance for the sane to overcome the insanity, all we all to do is stay angry.

Indeed. Hold the anger in, and then in 2020, unleash it upon the ballot box. That’s the only course of action we have left.

There’s not much else to say, readers. This story will likely hang on to the headlines for quite some time, and there are far better people covering it than myself.

People with degrees in the field of journalism or simply a much better sleep schedule.

I’m running on empty, and it’s only the middle of the week. If it wasn’t for work, I’d be pouring myself a stiff drink right now. I think it’s something we all could use. Just remember, stay angry, and don’t let the bastards think they’ve won. Individual 1 hasn’t earned that satisfaction just yet.