Week of Welcome apps due soon

Alex Retzlaff, Reporter

Students at Wayne State College can apply to be Week of Welcome (WOW) Ambassadors and team leaders until the application closes on Feb. 14.

WOW Ambassadors and team leaders help orientate new freshmen to WSC. Ambassadors walk incoming freshmen and transfer students through their first few days by giving tours, helping students find classrooms, promoting WOW activities and answering any questions the students may have. Similarly, team leaders help coordinate the activities and train the ambassadors. The ambassadors train one week before classes begin each semester.

So far, a handful of students applied for the positions. Junior London Bercey, the new student orientation coordinator, believes the number of applications will only increase.

“We’ve gotten quite a bit [of applications] so far,” Bercey said. “I know we’ve had a lot of obligations being taken, because we’ve had to reprint. Usually we have about 60 ambassadors and 16 leaders, so it kind of just depends on how many have applied and how many we’ll have altogether at the end of it.”

Senior Joel Johnson, a current student ambassador, felt the experience was worth the effort.

“It’s a great experience just because you get to be in [the freshmen’s] footsteps again when you were a freshman,” Johnson said. “So, you just want to help them out because you remember when you were a freshman, you were just kind of lost, and you didn’t know what the ropes were like. I really just love doing that. I think everyone should try it and just do it, just so you know the experience.”

Freshman Casey Brentlinger appreciated the service WOW Ambassadors provided during Fall 2018 semester.

“Everybody was very kind,” Brentlinger said. “I wasn’t quite prepared [to move in], I didn’t bring everything with me, so having people there to say, ‘Hey, you might need this later on,’ or having people just give you advice along the way was very helpful.”