SAB ‘twists’ classic games

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  • Kolbie Foster (left) and Corbin Foster (right) face off in “Giant Dodgeball.”

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Alexander Retzlaff, Reporter

The Wayne State College Student Activities Board put a new spin on two classic games when it held “Twisted Putt-Putt” and “Giant Dodgeball” on Jan. 17 in Rice Auditorium.

The two games provided unique settings for the students. “Giant Dodgeball” involved standard dodgeball matches between two teams. Each team, however, was provided giant blow-up balls to use to their advantage. Two of the participants, seniors Kolbie Foster and Corbin Foster, said they enjoyed the game’s competitive nature.

“Going ‘beast mode’ is very important, it makes you win right away,” Kolbie said. “Dodgeball is fun. This ball thing is a game changer, with the giant soccer ball. The game just has a whole new dynamic.”

Corbin also enjoyed the physicality of the game.

“My favorite part would probably have to be doing some ‘Mission: Impossible’ moves and sliding under the ball and getting people out, like a boss,” Corbin said. “[I liked] dodgeball because I like doing athletic things. It’s fun.”

Students who chose “Twisted Putt-Putt” over “Giant Dodgeball” treated themselves to a game of mini-golf. The twist involved replacing golf clubs with various objects, like hockey sticks, canes and even badminton racquets.

SAB President Allie Knoepfler enjoyed the experience along with the students.

“I just like that [this event] provides an option for students who come, that they can either choose to play ‘Giant Dodgeball’ or putt-putt,” Knoepfler said. “It provides something for everybody, the really active people, or even the people that just want to chill and relax.”

SAB plans to host more events throughout the semester, including Blue Jupiter, an a cappella group that will perform on Friday, Jan. 25 at 9 p.m. in the Ramsey Theatre.