Enrollment increases with transfer students at Wayne State

Halleigh Hawkins, Staff Writer

Transfer students reached an all-time high at Wayne State College this fall with an increase of about 240 students enrolled. This spring semester brought in about another 70 students. Many of them transfered from two-year colleges, while others are coming from bigger universities.

Kevin Halle, director of admissions at WSC, stated many of these students are coming because of the low cost and other reasons.

“We are a school of choice, a natural next place based on our programs that we offer, the ease at which you can transfer credits, and the cost in which you pay,” Halle said.

The recruits that look at the two-year program schools help bring in the new transfer students. They do a lot of work visiting other colleges trying to bring in more students to WSC.

The majority of these students come from Northeast Community College in Norfolk, Neb.

Other schools include Central Community College, Southeast Community College, Western Iowa Tech Community College and many other two year programs from around the area are bringing new transfer students to WSC.

There are some students who transfer here from other four year universities for a multitude of reasons. One of these reasons being money. Students are concerned about how money they are going to spend and what on.

“I know I looked at Wayne because it was affordable,” senior Emmalee Scheibe said.

WSC helps students save money while pursuing their Bachelor’s degree. Wayne State is one of the cheapest four year colleges in Nebraska, which opens the doors to many students futures.

“I wanted to transfer here because I wanted to be closer to some friends and to feel like I belong more,” said JC Standley, a freshman who transferred here this spring semester from University Nebraska-Lincoln.

The location of WSC and the many programs offered are a plus for many incoming transfer students. The college offers a variety of majors, over 90 plus, which opens the door to so many students coming from two year programs or even other four year universities.

Since a lot of transfer students decide to live off campus when they transfer here, WSC has a multitude of opportunities for new transfer students. There are different activities and clubs to get involved with, which have helped students like Standley meet new people on campus and get involved with different groups of people.