Beaumont plentiful with events

Brianna Parsons, Staff Writer

The beginning of a new era is what the Beaumont will be, because there is always a beginning to every end, like Riley’s being torn down and now the Beaumont becoming new. With the Murder Mystery being held on Friday, Jan. 18th from 6:30-10:30 p.m and the new and improved Country Night will be held on Wednesday Jan. 23rd at 9 p.m.

“It is very elegant, maybe too elegant for country night, because when I think of country night in the past, I think of Riley’s; which was a little past its time, but I loved it there and had fun,” senior Lisa Dohmen said.
The people at the Beaumont do a great job of posting on their Facebook page and appealing to the college community.

“[I think the Beaumont is] aesthetically pleasing [for an event venue] and the staff there were so nice and accommodating,” Dohmen said. “The food was amazing because they have a restaurant attached to it, so they cook their food there [as well].”

Dohmen knows more about the events because of their Facebook page versus the radio.

“Originally [information about the Beaumont was] posted all over our local radio station, so I would hear information on there,” Dohmen said. “[I heard about it on] Facebook as well because there would be sponsored posts.”
It broke Dohmen’s weekly routine when she found out Riley’s was not having the country night anymore.

“I loved country night at Riley’s, it was always a friend group thing,” Dohmen said. “I learned so many line dances, how to pretzel and swing dance. It was spectacular; Riley’s was not always an aesthetically pleasing place to be in, but it had a sense of community because the same people would be there every night.”

She said country night brought Dohmen so much joy, more than she could express.

“Country night was in the middle of the week and [I] just had something to look forward to,” Dohmen said.

The community of Wayne lost something and now they could gain it back with the Beaumont.

The Beaumont has multiple events coming up such as Murder Mystery Dinner 80’s Prom Gone Bad, Sip & Paint and Flourish in Wayne Annual Banquet.

“I think [the Beaumont events] will be really good because they will give people in Wayne something to do on the weekends,” sophomore Eric Parsons said.