Political rally occurs near Conn Library

Julia Baxter, Staff Writer

Members of the Wayne community gathered to rally against the current state of politics in the United States on Thursday in unison with the rest of the country. The rally was brought on by President Donald Trump’s actions on Wednesday night when he fired Jeff Sessions and removed Rod Rosenstein from the Mueller case.

Stand Up America is the group that was in charge with their contact Lauren Osborne from the rapid response team.

“I basically just got the word out on Facebook and through various other mediums,” Osborne said. “It was obviously rapid response and kind of quick. Across the country these are taking place because of the condition of the justice department.”

Osborne was made aware of her job the night before and quickly got the word out on social media and started making signs. She felt that the work was worth it to get the word out on the current state of government.

“I think justice is important. It’s important to me because I think that evading justice is not the way to run a country and it seems very clear to me that this was done in an effort to avoid indictments for crimes that (President Trump) seems to have committed in the 2016 campaign,” Osborne said. “It’s important to me that I live in a place where the truth finds its way out and where I can trust the people in charge of my country.”

Overall, while the idea was presented, Osborne felt that the follow through was rather lackluster for such an event.

“I know we are small, but I believe that we as a campus and we as Wayne State College students can do better, because I know we weren’t the only ones that think that way and I would love to see more activism on campus,” Osborne said. “It would be refreshing to see more people who throw themselves into it. It’s important for us to put ourselves out there. This is our country and it’s going to be our thing to inherit in a few years and I think it’s important to do what we can to make it as good as we can.”