A time to be thankful: giving to those in need

Wayne offers a chance to help less-fortunate community families

Halleigh Hawkins, Staff Writer

The time of Thanksgiving is based upon giving back to people. For different churches and organizations in Wayne, to serve the needy during the month of November in different areas of the town is important.

The Mobile Food Truck, ran by the First United Methodist Church, usually comes the last Saturday of every month. It was in Wayne on Nov. 10 at Journey Christian Church.

“[The food truck] came early, this last Saturday, so people could get food for Thanksgiving,” said Deb Hammer, who used to work the food truck. “Otherwise they usually come the last Saturday of the month. Because the truck is scheduled to go to so many different places, it was either get it last Saturday or not until after Thanksgiving.”

The food truck came early for people to have food for Thanksgiving. It will be returning to Wayne on Dec. 8 at Our Savior Lutheran Church. The truck is returning early in December because of Christmas at the end of the month.

“The people that come through [the food truck] truly need the food,” Hammer said. “When you live paycheck to paycheck, it’s hard because you have medical bills that fall in there or a car breaks down, how do you buy groceries? How do you go get your medicine? It’s hard because there are a lot of low income [families] in Wayne.”

The food truck gives out food such as canned vegetables and fruit, bread, pasta and sauce, cereal, and many other items. The food that is given out can last a couple days or close to a month, depending on the size of the family. Each family can gather a box full of food to take home.

The Wayne food pantry, located at the First Presbyterian Church in Wayne, is another place to gather food items. To be eligible to receive food items, the person must be a resident of Wayne county, must have a photo I.D., provide basic information for records, and then may receive food up to three times a year. The food pantry is always looking for donation items which can include non-perishable items that can be dropped off at Pac N Save or Quality Foods in Wayne.

For children in need, the First Presbyterian Church now has a backpack program to serve children on the weekends. The children are given packaged items like granola bars, fruit cups, or microwavable meals. To donate to the backpack program, one can write a check to Wayne Food Pantry and give it to the church’s office or directly donate food items.

Wayne State College also provides a food pantry to students. If a student is in need, they can access the food pantry by contacting Residence Life.