Nerdology pits brain against brain

Students won prizes in a trivia quiz game of wits

Connor Lindeman, Staff Writer

Students relieved the stress from the school week when they took part in Nerdology on Nov. 2 in the Niobrara Room in the Kanter Student Center.

Students participated in a trivia game where they answered questions based on pop culture references, like movie clips, popular music, celebrities, or famous movie quotes. The students split into teams to answer the questions, with the winning team receiving prizes.

Nerdology participant Eric Parsons felt the experience was “very interactive.”

“The reason for this is to bring fun and interactive people to campus, so that the students will have something to do over the weekend instead of sitting around and doing nothing,” Parsons said.

In addition to WSC students, three special guests also took part in the event. The special guests, Robert Rico, Kevin Troyer, and Leeann St. John, are a group of nerds and individual performers who go around the world and perform shows at different places, like college campuses. They also take part in an improv group called Mission Improvable. The students and guests played some specific games in between questions, like “Nerd Alert.” The guests believed their time at WSC was an enjoyable one.

“At the end of each show we ended up dancing to the music, while people are getting their scores,” St. John said.

“We are very excited to be here in Wayne State, and excited to give people some prizes,” Rico said.

“You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and on Snapchat, at nerdology show, so you can keep up to date about where we are,” Troyer said. “[Following will] also give you a little sneak peek on what we are going to be doing next in the future; also you can see the previous winners of recent events.”