The art of madness

Jacob Stewart, Staff Writer

The weather has turned into something pleasant, and I’m not sure how to feel about it, readers. While I can’t help but enjoy the fact that we’ve had several days of sunshine, the warmth allowing us to forget about the rains of late September and early October, I’m coming to hate it because I know that in a few weeks, when the true cold starts to arrive, I’m going to be thrown into a seasonal withdrawal. Yes, it’s going to get ugly, folks. The shakes won’t just be from the weather, but from my diminishing state of mind as winter begins to show its horrid face.

The only comfort that I have left is knowing that I still have some sanity. I still know that covering up the death of a journalist is wrong, that standing by and doing nothing as we hear of how the journalist was hacked to pieces is just as evil as the act itself. Jamal Khashoggi deserves more than this.

The Saudi Arabian government has admitted that the act happened, but labeled it as an altercation that went very, very wrong. The Turkish government has proclaimed that it was an act of brutal murder, with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan asserting that the cover-up of such an act would go against mankind’s conscience. Meanwhile, the United States is doing very little. President Trump, a leader who has proven that he is no friend of the press (unless it’s the mindless lackies he has supporting him at Fox News), has thrown some empty threats, attempting to distance himself with Saudi Arabia’s royal family (in the usual Trump way of saying he has never dealt with them before), and it seems that our policy in this chaotic matter is being dictated by Pat Robertson, a used-up soapbox preacher who honestly makes as much sense as bathing in a tub full of razorblades.

Indeed, anyone who takes stock in this man’s political advice is surely one who lacks in morality because we shouldn’t allow the death of a man to be buried simply to protect the millions of dollars made by selling weapons to the nation responsible. This is not a claim that comes from a man of God, no, it’s made by a man of greed, a man who tells his brainwashed supports to give him more money, not to promote charity, but all so that he can get himself another private jet. I question if Robertson would have been so protective of our arms sales in the Middle East if the journalist had been white, rather than of Saudi Arabian decent. The fact that I even have to ask such a question just leaves a bad taste in my mouth, the taste of almonds just before the cyanide kicks in.

People are murdered every day in this world of ours, and far too many have gone unsolved, but the fact that we are witnessing this sham of a cover-up is something else. It’s one of the reasons why I’ve become numb to what scientists are claiming to be the end of times, an apocalyptic conclusion in the form of climate change. If the end is to come, it might just want to hurry up