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The war of the sidewalk

Kaitylnn Breeden, Staff Writer

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Sidewalk chalk. It has many connotations. A child’s activity that was also used to start a controversial conversation on campus.

Last week while walking to class, you might have noticed messages like “Protect those who cannot protect themselves,” “We are the Pro-Life Generation,” “Choose Life,” and many more. These messages were written on the sidewalks in beautiful calligraphy but were met with messages written back.

Throughout the week, many got their own sidewalk chalk and kept the conversation going by responding to the messages.

Some responded with messages about the importance of women’s right to choose. Some messages were a little more direct including, “Don’t shove your beliefs up my ass, or “No uterus no opinion.”

“I think the pro-choice people are taking it too far. I’ve seen people go and pour water on it or just like cross it out or just add onto it. I mean I wouldn’t deface it, but also some of it is kind of petty,” said student Elliott Lund. “I think ‘No uterus no opinion,’ is kind of stupid, because I definitely think guys should have an opinion if ever in that situation.”

College is all about exploring and understanding other people’s beliefs, as well as your own. Expressing your beliefs can also come off the wrong way, making it feel more aggressive.

“My biggest thing was that I hated walking around campus and having to see it. Because it felt like everyone else’s beliefs were being shoved on me. I didn’t really appreciate that, like I’m just trying to live my life.” said student Roschweski. “And I thought it was really rude that they would cross out other people’s stuff. Everyone should respect other people’s opinions. But it’s also our campus sidewalk, and everyone’s trying to go to class.”

According to student Rylee Williams, it’s a good conversation to have but on the sidewalk might not be the best idea or place.

“I think it’s really great that abortion is starting to be more of a conversation.” said Williams. “But I don’t think arguments on the sidewalk is the way we should be doing it. It’s easy to just write stuff down and walk away, because you’re not actually discussing it with someone in person. It’s easier to hide behind a message, and not have to explain its meaning.”

College is where students should be having open conversations about current topics and politics. But writing your thoughts on the sidewalk might not be the best idea.

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