Grab your pumpkin spice; Fall Festival hits WSC

Brianna Parsons, Staff Writer

On Sept. 20, from 2 to 5 p.m, the Fall Festival will be in the Willow Bowl.

“I think it is a wonderful program to have some fun and relax,” Sarah Gunion, coordinator of student activities, said. “[You can also] be a little competitive with the games, inflatables and let loose with your creative side with the crafts.”

Gunion said there is never an event that goes smoothly the whole time, so a big part of teaching her students is to plan for what they expect and then the random things that could happen at the event.

“[Things are going as] smoothly as can be possible, [the students] have very limited time from the beginning of the school year to the fest to actually get things running, get things ordered and contracts, including lots of paper work,” Gunion said. “They are doing well on getting everything lined up for this wonderful event in three and a half weeks.”

Students choose the activities for the Fall Fest during S.A.B meetings.

“I think it all came together nice,” said Ricki Bartels, programmer for S.A.B. “I think all the activities that were chosen for the fest are going to be really fun. When it came to which craft to do I decided to go with a fall themed craft since the event is Fall Fest, so that is a little different.”

Activities upon activities will be at the fest, so many students can come out and enjoy a day away from their classes.

“At Fall Fest there will be an inflatable obstacle course and another inflatable called ‘Wipe Out.’ There will also be a craft table, food and a DJ,” Bartels said. “Every hour on the hour we will be giving away a prize like a speaker, headphones, T.V and a Roku. This event is free to all students.”

Students will end up having a fun relaxing time at the festival, being with friends, competing against each other and enjoying free food.

“The best part of the event is probably the inflatable,” Bartels said. “I know a lot of students enjoy competing against each other and they allow them to do just that. I would also say the free food because who doesn’t love free food?”

Since the event is student planned, the S.A.B students oversee multiple activities during the fest.

“The students are the primary people in charge of setting everything up,” Gunion said. “The students oversee everyone coming in, ensure they sign a waiver and get wristbands, they also answer any questions people might have, man the craft tables, make sure things stay stocked, things stay relatively clean and they help with all the clean up afterwards.”

Enjoy the Fall festivities in the Willow Bowl for a fun afternoon with friends.