And Bingo was the game-o

Alex Retzlaff, Staff Writer

The Wayne State College Student Activities Board provided a fun way to blow off some steam, as they hosted Bingo Night in the Kanter Student Center’s lower cafeteria on Sept. 7.

Sarah Gunion, the Student Activities coordinator, didn’t seem surprised at the competitive sparks that flew through the air. To her, it’s all about providing the students with a good time.

“The goal of Bingo Night is to get students out of their rooms. It’s to get them involved in something where they get to meet new people, have fun, and let loose some steam in a healthy, creative and competitive way,” Gunion said. “We call a whole bunch of numbers. People win groceries, bluetooth speakers, Google Homes, TV’s, or whatever it happens to be that we’re giving By Alex Retzlaff, Staff Writer away. It gets very competitive very quickly.”

An event in the making since April 2017, Bingo Night was nowhere near as quiet as it sounded. Only the first two winners of each round won prizes, with subsequent winners winning a candy bar. This competitive drive sparked temptations in many students to scramble to the prizes desk as soon as they yelled, “Bingo!” Gunion felt satisfied to see her hard work pay off.

“My favorite thing about planning events like this is helping my students have this vision, and seeing their vision turn into a reality,” Gunion said.

“They come to me, and they have these wonderful ideas. They’re like, ‘I want to do this.’ They have a picture of it in their head, and I’m able to help them take that picture of what this is going to be and how awesome it’s going to be, and grounding it into reality.”

Several students who attended Bingo Night also believed that Gunion succeeded in her goals, such as Josiah Boneschans.

“I think the whole adventure is to hang out and chill with friends. It’s fun just to hang out with them,” Boneschans said.

Rachel Mertz, a lucky student who won prizes on Bingo Night, couldn’t agree more.

“It was fun,” Mertz said. “The atmosphere is just fun. I won a blanket, and I’m really excited!”

With Bingo Night’s success, the SAB believes that students will participate in other events, such as the canvas painting activity for Willy Wednesday on Sept. 12. The SAB also plans on hosting the sand volleyball tournament on Sept. 14