Local brewery gets decked out


Alex Retzlaff, Staff Writer

Johnnie Byrd Brewing Company is set to open a new patio and beer garden in mid-September. Greg Ptacek, the owner of the establishment, wanted to fulfill guests’ wishes of an outdoor space to gather.

“We really wanted an outdoor space,” Ptacek said. “We thought that was something that was lacking in Wayne. It would be fantastic just to sit out here and have a beer.”

Johnnie Byrd Brewing Company opened its doors in Dec. of 2017. The patio and beer garden addition, to the brewery’s approaching one-year anniversary, is an essential element in increasing sales, according to Ptacek. Guests who saw Ptacek’s progress on the patio so far couldn’t agree more.

“I come back here at least once a week,” one guest said. “It’ll have a positive impact. I’ll probably come back here more often.”

Ptacek did his best to keep the main focus on his guests during the patio’s construction. “No day is the same. One day I’m out here running a saw and hammer, the next I’m crafting beer,” Ptacek said. “The creative outlet has been probably one of my favorite things.”

In addition to its one-year anniversary, Johnnie Byrd Brewing Company is set to host its annual Octoberfest in October. The brewing company is located at 121 N Pearl Street in Wayne, NE.

Feature image photo by Julia Baxter