Majestic Theatre shows ‘Before the Flood’

Students and community members gathered to celebrate Earth Day

Libby Dunn, Staff Writer

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WSC students and Wayne community members were invited to the Majestic Theatre last Sunday to watch the movie “Before the Flood” in celebration of Earth Day.

The Wayne State College Green Team partnered with the City of Wayne Green Team and the A. Jewell Schock Museum of Natural History to host the fourth annual Earth Day free movie showing with funding from the Nebraska Recycling Council.

“This is the fourth year that we have been a club, and this is the biggest event that we do each year,” said WSC Green Team president Rachel Colwell. “We always bring in different movies. One year it was the movie ‘Bag It,’ all about plastic bags, another year it was all about the ocean, so we pick different themes each time.”

Unlike previous years, Colwell said, the WSC and City of Wayne Green Teams were able to get the movie “Before the Flood” free of charge. “Before the Flood” is a documentary featuring actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Throughout the film, DiCaprio travels the globe showing the dangers of climate change and possible solutions.

There was a large turnout for the Earth Day celebration, with both community members and WSC students in attendance. Overall, there were an estimated 80 people at the “Before the Flood” showing.

“I am here voluntarily, I feel like (climate change) is something that is not talked about,” said junior Kaylee Cellar. “And if it is talked about, it’s normally very politicized, and it is not talked about as fact, more as opinion.”

Along with hosting the movie, the WSC Green Team sold and raffled off an assortment of recycled items they had created.

“For our last couple of meetings, we got old tea cups and little plates and turned them into candles using leftover candle wax,” said Colwell. “This is part of the fundraiser we do, and all of (the proceeds go) back to our club, because we have to pay for some of these craft supplies.”

Sandy Brown, chair of the City of Wayne Green Team, said anyone can make a difference in impacting by reducing their waste and increasing sustainable behavior.

“We only have one planet to live on and we want to make sure that we can live in it for as long as possible,” said Brown. “Just like your own house, you want to keep (the Earth) clean and not junk it up, so let’s do the same with our planet. I think college students can make a big difference.”

If you are a WSC student wanting to make a difference by bettering the environment, the WSC Green Team, made up of roughly 10 students, is always looking for more members to add to their team.

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