86,400 seconds, 1,440 minutes, 24 hours

The campus radio station is hosting annual 24-hour remote, to raise money for Haven House

Sean Dunn, Staff Writer

Most students will say that they don’t get enough sleep because they spent the night doing homework, studying for a test, or—and most likely—watching Netflix. Come Friday, some of the Electronic Media students will have a reason for being tired: the 24-Hour Remote.

The 24-Hour Remote is a fundraising event held by the Electronic Media students. The students will be broadcasting for a full 24 hours to raise money for Haven House, the domestic and sexual violence crisis intervention and support service provider that serves in the surrounding area.

As the broadcast goes on, the students will be talking with members of Haven House and make shout-outs to those who support the cause.

“This is the 23rd time that the radio station has done an April fund-raising project,” Communications Arts Professor Michael Marek said. “The students and the adviser of the station wanted a major event for this semester that would be both a good community service-learning project and also a learning experience for the students. As we’re doing it, we’re raising money for Haven House, which is a really good cause.”

The event is timed well, as April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Senior Emmalee Scheibe, general manager of the 91.9 The Cat and head of the fundraising project, has had a valuable experience with the project.

“It’s gone really well. Everyone’s worked hard to bring the event together,” said Scheibe. “It’s been a blast working with Haven House. They’re so supportive, and very passionate about working to prevent domestic and sexual assault.”

If students would like to tune in, they can turn their radio dials to 91.9 The Cat in the Wayne area at noon on Thursday. You can also listen online at the WSC The Cat page.

Anyone can help the cause by donating directly to Haven House, spreading the word of the event, or even just by purchasing nachos at Prime Stop. For this week only, 50 cents of every purchase of nachos will be donated to Haven House.