Why is there snow in April?

Justin Yost, Editorial Writer

If you happen to follow these editorials, you might remember one I wrote when this monster we call winter first decided to show up. In it, I talked about how much I despise winter and snow. So, the last thing I expected when I walked out of my house was snow on the ground on this what I thought was supposed to be a nice spring morning.

I believe I am a calm and chill guy, but something about seeing snow and being cold makes me angrier than most things. I have to be at work at seven in the morning, so naturally I wake up at 6:50 a.m., get ready by 6:55 a.m. and I’m able to make it to work by seven. Yesterday morning felt different from the start. I woke up like normal, but I noticed it felt a little colder in my room than normal. I got ready to go, open the door and I couldn’t believe it. There it was: the white stuff I hate so much. You can probably guess how mad I was to once again get the windshield scraper out and scrape the snow off my window. If this wasn’t bad enough, just under the snow was a layer of ice that was very tough, for my half-awake, pissed-off self, to scrape off. It’s now official, I’m moving to California when I graduate.