WSC seniors exhibit art

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Kadra Sommersted, Staff Writer

Four senior artists displayed their pieces in an art exhibit that started March 28.

Cole Beebe, Paige Ernst, Aydan Ronspies and (Cassandra) Cassie Lindgren all showcased their art.

“I have 13 (pieces) in the show,” said Lindgren.

She said that her favorite was of a skeleton.

“It’s 52-by-72 inches high,” said Lindgren. “It’s the largest piece that I’ve done, and ironically the one I took the shortest time to do.”

She said that it was a lot of fun to create. She said her other pieces that she likes are a series of prints.

“The first one in that line ‘Consumption of Flesh’ (was) very fun,” said Lindgren. “I’m still working on the addition for it.”

“Our show is definitely diverse, and I love that because two of us are Art Ed., two of us are Studio, and I think we all respect each other’s work, and came together really well for the show,” said Lindgren. “Of this, I think there is something that everyone can enjoy.”

She encourages everyone to go and take a look at their art work.

“(I have) somewhere around 10 (pieces), I think,” said Ernst. “We were switching stuff around all day today.”

Her favorite was a tie between watercolors that she had done and a shadow-like painting that took her a while to do.

“There’s one glass piece that is new, and I experimented with a bunch of stuff,” said Ernst. “(I focus in) ceramics usually, and I have quite a bit of those.”

She said that she had really gotten into sculpture making the last two semesters.

“I have nine pieces, eight cars and one print piece,” said Ronspies.

His favorite was a piece called “Mercury,” and he took an average of 30 hours on a piece.

“I like to focus on hyperrealism, just the sharpness of line and the realistic-ness of cars and stuff,” said Ronspies. “I like to focus on cars in my paintings.”

Beebe said the number of pieces he has in the show are in the mid-20s.

“Primarily in the show, I only show cased my ceramics, raku-stoneware, and it’s really what my focus is on,” said Beebe. “I do do painting and drawing and such.”

He said that he had a mixed media with bone, wood and metal.

“My favorite is Bertrand ‘Never Satisfied’,” said Beebe. “He comes with a very long narrative. He’s one of my favorite iconic characters that had a brain child in my sketchbook, and it was really awesome for me to bring him kind of to life.”

Beebe said Bertrand is very symbolic of him.

“It’s been really fortunate that we have this gallery space here at Wayne State College,” said Beebe. “Other universities have maybe 10 or 12 that do a senior exhibition and they only get four pieces in. We have four amazing artists right here, and it’s been a pleasure working with the other three.”

He said it was nice to be able to utilize the gallery space to their full extent.

“It’s been a lot of stress, but it’s definitely paid off in the end,” said Beebe.

Each artist said to check out the show when you can.