A walk for Dr. Cooper

DaQuan Samuel, Staff Writer

Alpha Phi Sigma Criminal Justice Honor Society will be hosting a benefit walk April 11 for the Dr. Andria Cooper Criminal Justice Memorial Scholarship.

Dr. Cooper was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in August of 2017 and passed away six months later in February. Alpha Phi Sigma is organizing the benefit to help raise funds for an endowed scholarship in her name.

“I think the walk is important because we’re going to continue to live out Dr. Cooper’s legacy,” said criminal justice instructor Cassandra Post. “We’re going to be able to give a scholarship to students that exemplify the characteristics that she upheld as well as bringing awareness to ovarian cancer.”

Cooper spent time as a defense attorney and a prosecutor before becoming a New Mexico state judge. She also sat on a governor’s domestic violence fatality review board. After that she joined the staff of Wayne State becoming a Criminal Justice professor with her extensive knowledge of criminal law. During her time at Wayne State, Dr. Cooper was the advisor of Delta Upsilon, a chapter of the national American Criminal Justice Association. The group participates in regional and national competitions in criminal justice knowledge, agility, firearms and crime scene competitions.

“I’m most excited for the turnout to see students come out and represent her,” said Post. “To give back to the community and bring people together for a good cause is great.”

Students can support the cause by donating $10 to participate in the benefit walk. By donating $15 students can participate in the walk and receive an event T-shirt, for $20 students can participate in the walk, receive the T-shirt and enjoy free pizza for lunch at the event.