‘Goodnight, and Good Luck’

Tess Riecke, Editorial Writer

For the last four years I have been part of the weird family up on the fourth floor of Humanities. I’ve seen new staff, different advisers and all the struggles The Wayne Stater has faced these last few years. I started out as a staff writer and photographer then moved my way up to copy editor and photo editor and finally being co Editor in Chief.

I can still picture little freshman Tess getting super excited to see herself in print. I can picture the first time I sat and copy-edited a story. Some of my most favorite memories have been associated with this small part of Wayne’s campus. Graduation is fast approaching and I made the decision to step down from all roles (except for the occasional photo assignment) to concentrate on what being a graduating senior entails. I will miss WSC and The Wayne Stater and all the people who have filled my life.

We are an odd, quirky bunch that shares way too many personal stories (but that is what makes us close) and I couldn’t be happier to have known them. I would like to thank the advisers and professors who have made this time challenging and fun. I would also like to thank the readers for reading our hard work—without you, we would have no paper.

Graduating is scary yet exciting and I know the program and The Wayne Stater have prepared me to succeed. I’m leaving the paper in (hopefully) good hands—Joseph Lovercheck, do me proud. My advice to the rest of the staff and students in the program: never stop reporting and writing about the things that matter. If someone tells you not to, make the story longer but fact check every single word so nothing can bite you in the ass. I encourage anyone who has a voice to contribute to the Stater—we want to hear from every major, every sport, and every walk of life. With that being said, quoting former adviser Max McElwain’s favorite movie, “Good night, and good luck.” It’s been an honor sharing my ideas with you.