Nothing is off limits, right?

Comedian comes to campus and tells a variety of jokes

Kadra Sommersted, Staff Writer

Sit up front with a camera and ripped jeans, be ready to be part of the jokes.

Comedian Jessi Campbell struck a few poses for the camera before beginning her set. She came all the way from California to share jokes with Wayne State students in Ley Theatre on Thursday night.

She had a few bathroom oriented jokes, as well as a joke about taking “stupid people” and giving them their own land. An example would be someone that is going 20 miles under the speed limit and looking out the driver’s side window smiling as the passing car goes by.

“I promise this is the last poop joke,” said Campbell.

She finished her set telling the audience about a time she scared a woman in the women’s bathroom. She started it with saying she went to the handicap stall, and a lady leaving shut the lights off on her. When Campbell said something to the lady, she apologized, but left the light off. When she was done in the restroom, she had a hard time finding her way out and ended up in another stall. Another woman walked in, turned the light on and walked into the stall that Campbell had just wandered into. The woman screamed and Campbell left saying that the stall was ready for her.

“Students pick the comedians,” said Sarah Gunion, student activities coordinator. “We have polls and that’s how we find a lot of our comedians.”

She said if there is a comedian that a student or students would like to see on campus, they are more than welcome to suggest the person to SAB.

“She (Campbell) was on ‘Last Comic Standing,’” said Gunion. “She’s pretty talented.”

She said that they watched a few videos of people to decide on the comedian they wanted to bring to Wayne State, and overall, took about an hour and a half to decide on the comedian they wanted.

“At the beginning of the semester, we always plan out our comedians,” said junior Madi Limbach.

She said that they have had quite a few male comedians and wanted to change it up with a female comedian.

“I thought she was hilarious,” Limbach said. “I actually didn’t get to watch the video or attend the meeting due to a class.”

She said she had no idea what to expect, but she thought Campbell was hilarious. Limbach also thought she was a good fit for the college crowd.

“I think she would be one of the comedians we bring back,” Limbach said.

She said that Campbell has a good script.

“I was talking to a few of my other members, and they said in the video she didn’t use the same stuff,” Limbach said.