This is goodbye

Kristin Jindra, Columnist

The end of the semester is drawing closer. As students flock to the library with their pink noses and piles of end-of-the-year assignments, we at “The Wayne Stater” prepare our last paper of the semester.

Of course, most everyone is ready for a break at this point. Probably even all the rest of the Stater staff will be glad for a few weeks of breathing room before they dive back in this coming spring.

For them not much will have changed other than the year and the set of classes they’re taking. For me, however, this final paper is slightly more sentimental as I hand the gauntlet to the next lucky soul and I move forward in my academic career. Yes, sir or ma’am, you read that correctly. Not only will you no longer get to read about the highs and lows in life from the point-of-view of this snarky individual, but my name will also no longer be next to the heading of “advertising manager” in your weekly Stater.

Though I am leaving this title to a trusted individual, I have grown fond of the people I have worked with the past year and a half, as well as the weekly paycheck in my checking account.

All joking aside, there is a lot I have learned from this position and I feel like I’ve been lucky enough to add my own personal stamp to “The Wayne Stater”.

However, it is coming time for me to student teach, graduate and go on to have a career in what I’ve been studying going on five years.

Though I’ve only been one cog in this ongoing wheel, it has been a good time; and I know that The Stater, and everyone involved in it, will always continue to do great things.