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Networking at WSC career fair

Carl Ruskamp, Staff Writer

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The annual WSC career fair will be held in the Kanter Student Center on Oct. 25 from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in the Frey Conference suite.

“Wayne State College has the career fair twice a year,” said Jason Barelman, Director of Career Services.

WSC hosts the career fair to allow students to network with companies from the region.

“We will bring employers to campus and bring students face to face and learn more about the opportunities they have,” Barelman said.

There will be construction companies, industrial companies also employers in the accounting and financing department.

“We are likely to see about 60 to 70 employers,” Barelman said.

The University of Nebraska will be there to visit with students about going into graduate school.

There will be internship opportunities available, Barelman said. Some employers might have summer jobs or summer camps, as well as full time jobs.

Posters for the career fair carry messages such as, “‘Those sweatpants make you look so professional,’ said no employer ever.” The campaign is intended to reinforce the idea that students don’t want to be broke, so they should attend the career fair to talk to employers.

“The Career Center goal is to hit 400 students attending. About 350 students participated last year, but the goal is to attract even more to the fair with expanded advertising.” said Barelman.

“Students need to come prepared to talk to employers,” said Barelman.

This is not a social event. It’s a networking event. Students should be dressed appropriately, have resumes with them and be ready to talk to the employers.

“We encourage freshmen to attend as well, just to get to know the feel of networking and become a little more comfortable in that situation,” Barelman said.

“We have a lot of the same companies,” said Barelman. “This year we have several different ones however, it varies from year to year because it depends on the economy.”

The number of employers who come to career fair vary from year to year.

“There’re some shortages. We have an accounting firm that’s coming back, however, they are in dire need of hiring accountants,” said Barelman. “It really depends on how the job market is, and who is having difficulty in filling positions.”

“Sometimes it’s difficult to attract students because they are nervous about coming to the career fair,” said Heather Reinhardt, career services specialist.

It’s also for students to come and explore careers. Students who are undecided as a freshman or a sophomore can talk to companies about the positions and what employment opportunities are like.

“The career fair helps provide students with the opportunity to get actual jobs,” said Reinhardt.

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Networking at WSC career fair