Dead In The Water: Freedom or madness, maybe it’s the same thing


Jacob Stewart, Columnist

I’m struggling, readers. I’ve been sitting at this laptop trying to find something to say, provide something beyond what have become the reruns I’ve produced here. You can point your finger at those who reign from the white towers only so often, and when you find yourself addressing the cruel fact that history repeats itself several times over, well, you know you’re tapping into a well that’s been run dry. In an attempt to find some form of inspiration, I’ve even gone back to my ill-fated blog (for those poor souls who have followed my work long enough, you’ll know the reference), but there’s a reason that creation withered on the vine of social media.

Yet, I’m not the only one dealing with a rerun issue. The American people seem to be struggling, but in a much more chaotic way. Las Vegas suffered a massacre, and even our peaceful life here in Wayne was interrupted by a bizarre lockdown at Neihardt. It’s not something you’d expect in a place called the land of the free, but then again, we’ve gotten to the point where we just feel free to do whatever we please.

Some say it’s because we live in a godless country, and yet I wonder what they say when religious leaders close their doors on hurricane victims or abuse their congregation in ways that I won’t mention here and now. While I’m on the subject of the peanut gallery, I question how many of them think a bill for suppressors should be passed by congress, because I’m sure that’s exactly what the big man upstairs really wants. After all, that’s what we need on the streets to go along with the assault weapons we feel are necessary implements of our average, day-to-day lives. Then again, what do I know. I wasn’t even aware of all of the bear attacks that happen at schools.

Of course, I could go on making jokes at the expense of our secretary of Education, but from what I’ve seen in the news, she does a good enough job of doing that to herself. No, let’s get back to the real issue at hand. We’re a land that embraces freedom, but like a heroin addict, we don’t know when to stop, and so far, we’ve wound up in the hospital one too many times from those near misses with an overdose. And with our medical system the way it is, we’re racking up a bill that our insurance is going to look at and then laugh in our faces before telling us that it won’t cover it.

Some might say that I’m not playing fair. They might argue that I’m only looking at one side of the issue. Well, I’ll tell you this. A writer struggling to come up with something new is far better than a country that has to have repeat acts of violence to figure out that it has a strange and ugly addiction with guns that goes far beyond maintaining a well-regulated militia.