WSC welcomes class of 2021 to Wayne

Freshman enjoy welcome weekend at WSC as they get used to college life


College Relations

The class of 2021 moved into campus on Friday, Aug. 18 for welcome weekend. Freshmen spent the weekend getting to know their classmates and learning the important tips on surviving freshman year of college. Welcome weekend always starts out with a class photo on the hill in front of the WSC football field.

Rachel Vogt, Staff Writer

This year’s incoming freshmen at Wayne State College are well on their way to adjusting to what many consider to be a culture shock.

Freshman year can seem overwhelming and possibly terrifying, but it can also be one of the best experiences of a young adult’s life. Many memories can be made, along with lifelong friendships and stories that will be remembered for the rest of a students life.

“The teachers do a lot more lecturing, more talking at you than with you,” Brook Hoesing said. “And buying textbooks is something we didn’t have to do (in high school) that we have to do now, and they aren’t cheap.”

Hoesing attended Arlington High School in Arlington, Neb. The classes at WSC are a little bigger than her classes during high school, where the average class size was around 15 students, including herself. Although there are many adjustments to life in college,
Hoesing said that the easiest adjustment she made was not being able to see her parents everyday.

“I thought it was going to be the hardest thing about coming to college, but it hasn’t
been that hard at all, and I don’t know if that’s because I still think I’m on some sort of
vacation or what,” she said.

Katie Bitter, freshman, has also noticed many differences between high school and college.

“Professors are a lot more open minded about their personal life,” Bitter said. “They go through the course material a lot faster than my high school teachers did … but it isn’t very hard to follow along with what they’re trying to teach us.”

Bitter attended Tekamah-Herman High School, and she knows five or six people who already attend Wayne State or are also in the freshman class. She said it hasn’t been hard meeting new people and making new friends, and it is beneficial living in Bowen Hall because there are “a lot of people living there, so it is easy to meet new people all the time.”