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Memeing With Nick: Another take on ‘Beauty And The Beast’

Nick Ulrich

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Let’s start off with the obvious—the Beast dies. It has to happen; it always has to happen. Obviously, the crowd agrees with this decision and, at least in the theater I was in, everyone applauded as the hairy monster fell to the ground. After the first couple of minutes, the whole crowd agreed that the Beast is just a plain old douchebag who deserves to die. If he hadn’t died, I think I would have left sadder than I already was.

I thought the movie was good in some aspects. I might have gone with something different than ’90s rap for a music score, but Dre had a couple of good songs to match the movie. The setting was well done; however the lack of multi-colored castles was a clear cheap shot to the LGBTQ+ community. Disney still wants to believe that all castles are plain white or grey, leaving out pink, blue, red, orange, and obviously rainbow-colored castles, which most Frenchmen had at the time.

My favorite thing about this movie was the animation. Some of the characters were extremely well-animated. Belle for example, voiced by Hermione Granger, is almost an exact replica of Hermione. It took me a while to realize it was even an animated film. When I saw the Beast though, it was pretty obvious.

One thing I didn’t care for in this film was the amount of sex scenes between Belle and the Beast. There were soooooo many sex scenes, it almost got out of hand at one point. At one point, they made their way onto the director’s chair. I’m a big fan of breaking the fourth wall, but this is not the way I would want to see it.

Even if we disregard the absurd excess of sex scenes, the quality of them was absolutely horrid. Most of what was seen was hair from the Beast and I couldn’t even tell where hair was and where body was. Belle was barely seen at all in the scenes. Like I said, mostly hair.

Overall, I would rate this film a 7.3/10. While I enjoyed some aspects, such as killing the beast and the incredible animation, the absurd sex scenes and odd music score left me wondering what the point of this movie was. I will look forward to see how many movie remakes Disney does with this new animation feature. One can only hope that the next one is less porny.

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Memeing With Nick: Another take on ‘Beauty And The Beast’