Guest Columnist: Until we meet again, Nebraska

Morgan Stough, Online Editor

To my dearest Nebraska,

Oh, how I used to detest you. Your nightmare winters and hellish summers left much to be desired as I let my adulterous mind wander to the thoughts of living somewhere lovely—like California, or even Seattle (I would never tire of the rain). And even your quirks that most people love, like your unfailing commitment to Husker football, I never quite understood until recently. But despite your strange customs and humid air, I have truly learned to love you for who you are. I’m sure going to miss you.

You see, Nebraska, this is a breakup letter. I’m leaving you for Chicago.

I’m leaving you, but I know now what I’m really leaving behind.

I’ll never forget those beautiful sunsets and endless, rolling hills. I’ll fondly remember those summer thunderstorms to which I so often fell asleep, and the occasional tornado scare, too. You were such a trickster with those sirens, Nebraska. And how could I forget the culture you gave to me? Nothing could replace the Runza-and-Scooter’s-shaped hole in my heart.

I love the way your downtown is so small, yet so exciting. Every date was my favorite date when we were downtown. I love the feeling I got every time I introduced someone to Ted and Wally’s Ice Cream, or brought an outsider to Runza for the first time. Those were our own little secrets that I got to share with whomever I chose. There’s nothing quite like letting someone look inside of my longest relationship.

Chicago is so big compared to you, and I’m nervous about moving on, but I have to. Nebraska, what you have to offer me is so peaceful. I am so comfortable with you and I never actually imagined I would need anything more than what you have so selflessly given.

I’ve changed a lot over the last 19 years, Nebraska, and I have learned a lot about myself. If I want to follow my dreams, I have to leave you. Chicago can give me bigger networks, better opportunities and more diversity than I could ever have with you. It’s true that Chicago probably won’t treat me half as nice as you did, but sometimes sacrifices have to be made.

Don’t worry, Nebraska. I’ll tell everyone I meet about just how wonderful you are. I’ll tell them of your football and your sandwiches, and of your people who are endlessly kind. I’ll tell them of all the times I’ve thought about leaving you, but could never actually bring myself to it. But most important, I’ll tell them that I’ll come back to you.

Just like your people will always return to Memorial Stadium, I’ll come back to you.

Until then, Nebraska, remember me.

With all of my love,