Bowen, inside out

Morgan Stough, Staff Writer

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  • An inside look at some of the renovations happening behind the plastic tarps that currently encase Bowen Hall.

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Bowen Hall renovations are moving along in a timely manner, and the hall is on schedule to reopen for the fall semester of 2017.
At first glance, the inside of the building still looks like there is a lot of work to be done. Exposed wire and dark hallways make the hall look abandoned, but the reality is that students have much to look forward to when it reopens.
In a tour given by the director of Facility Services, Chad Altwine, the Residence Life professional staff saw a glimpse of what the future of Bowen Hall holds. New bathrooms, improved laundry services and an extended lobby are just some of the renovation features.
Mikala Farrier, senior community coordinator and tour attendee, said that she was most impressed with the renovated bathrooms.
“The modern look and style (of the bathrooms) is inviting and I think that every student will feel comfortable with the layout,” Farrier said.
The bathrooms will include privacy showers, which have only a few inches of space on the bottom and top of the stall doors, which will give residents a private space to shower in.
In addition to the shared bathroom spaces, there will be a private bathroom on each floor including a toilet, sink and shower. These bath rooms will be available to any student who wants a more private experience living in the halls.
The laundry services will now be all in the lobby area, off to the side where one of the Community Coordinator apartments used to be, Altwine said. The lobby will also include a recreation area, study tables and a new front desk.
Study spaces will be placed at the end of each hallway on the residential floors, next to the windows.
“I love the new study spaces,” said Farrier. “The natural lighting really makes Bowen come alive.”
Two rooms were removed on the south side of each floor to give the floor lobbies more natural lighting and a brighter feel.
More updates will be available as the renovations progress throughout the rest of the semester.