Bowen renovation still on time; theme floor talk just rumors

Julia Baxter, Staff Writer

As Bowen Hall nears completion of its renovations, rumors have been dispelled about themed floors in the residential building.

Themed floors occur when a certain group on campus occupies an entire floor of a building.

Excited talk spread around campus, including whispers of new opportunities such as the use of Bowen’s many floors to service students in a type of themed-flooring.

“I think when it comes to any renovation project, rumors and whispers will be started,” Quinneka Lee, director of Residence Life, said. “A lot is left to the imagination.”

While this is not going to happen in Bowen, Lee explained that the idea will be implemented in a different way and in other buildings.

“Basically, we want to set up student-led communities in non-renovated spaces,” Lee said. “If a group wants to live near each other, they could have their own hall.”

The Residence Life staff doesn’t want this concept to be implemented in Bowen Hall now because they want students to have the chance to get used to the new changes that will be available.

Residence Life staff wants to let students create and enjoy their own environment. They want this to be similar to the Wildcat Academy of Leadership and Knowledge (W.A.L.K.) program in living arrangements, but be completely student-led.

“With student-led floors, it’s up to the students and they kind of make up their own roster and submit that to the student life people,” Lee said. “We want that creativity to be led by the students so that they have the ability to figure out the nuances with that. Everything is up to the students, and we don’t want to have to take control.”

Lee clarified that, if necessary, the Residence Life crew would be willing to open up floors in Bowen, in the future, if this idea is popular with students.

Bowen Hall’s renovations are right on schedule. The dormitory is still supposed to open on time, and the Residence Life department is excited to see the changes.

“We are very excited about the new common areas that are based on students’ influences, the new windows and the new heating and cooling system,” Lee said.

Lee also explained that she wanted all students to know that Bowen Hall has plenty of room.

It is not exclusive to under-classmen or upper-classmen, and the Residence Life team wants all students to feel welcome to live on campus, and more specifically, in Bowen Hall.