Renovations everywhere

Morgan Stough, Staff Writer

The Welcome House, owned by the Nebraska Lutheran Campus Ministries and located on the east side of the Kanter Student Center, is due for major upgrades in the upcoming months. To lead into the period of renovations, the ministry is undergoing rebranding as well.

The former Welcome House will now be called the Lumin House. Lumin is short for “Lutheran ministry” or “illuminate.” The house was formerly used as housing for students several years ago, and a previous renovation was started but left unfinished.

The renovations will include adding a door on the outside that leads straight into the chapel area, as well as rearranging walls to open up space on the main floor. The three living spaces will also be updated and a fourth bedroom could be added to the basement if needed.

“They’ve had people at the house, but not living in the house,” Sarah Gunion, coordinator of campus ministry, said. “Over the course of time things need a little bit of TLC. We’re really excited.”

Gunion said that they hope to have three to four students living in the house by fall 2017.

The Lumin House will have open house hours in the coffee shop area from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday, Sunday suppers twice a month, and various worship events and bible studies throughout the year.

“A lot of people don’t know what the house is, and they don’t feel like they can just wander in,” she said. “That’s the whole point: from 5 to 10 please come in, hang out, eat some food and ask us questions.”

The organization is working on a policy to allow other clubs and organizations to use the space.

“You could be Lutheran, Catholic or have no faith…anyone can come and hang out,” Gunion said. “It’s run by Lutheran Ministries, but our motto is ‘all are welcome.’”