Counseling Center provides off-campus living guides

Taylor Koch, Staff Writer

As Wayne State College has seen a shift in the student population to apartments and other off-campus living arrangements this semester, the Counseling Center is providing off-campus living guides for student use.
With students living on their own for the first time, the Counseling Center decided to do something about it.
“I did call upstairs to Residence Life, Dr. Carsten’s office,” Michelle Meyer, a licensed counselor at the Wayne State College Counseling Center,” she said.  “I asked, ‘do we have anybody who looks over contracts or leases for kids to help them since we’ve compelled so many of them to move?’ They said no, they really don’t provide that.”
The Counseling Center, in cooperation with Northeast Community College, has been publishing a pamphlet that can assist in the transition from dorm life to apartment life.
“It was more because of the idea and concern about off-campus parties and how to be a good neighbor,” Meyer said in regards to the center’s original idea to publish such a pamphlet.
Within the booklet, students will find advice dealing with tenant responsibilities, landlord duties, getting connected to electricity and water, hosting a house party and plenty of additional information.
“Individuals that are new renters haven’t done it before, so they (will) learn how to be on their own and the different expectations,” Meyer said. “Things you need to know, like how you pick a good place, how do you turn on the water heater? If your place isn’t furnished, where do you go to buy used furniture? Those are the kinds of questions they have.”
These guides are located in the pamphlet displays in most of the buildings on campus and the Counseling Center.