Parking permit now available via internet

Tara Taylor, Staff Writer

Parking permits are now available online. Students can now fill out the required forms online to receive their permits on the Wayne State website, and will no longer need to fill out any paperwork in person.

“The whole system is way easier now that it’s just built in to the fees as well,” WSC Security officer Sean Schrotberger said. “There is literally no excuse to not have a permit anymore. It’s just much more accessible and efficient which I believe is best for everyone.”

Schrotberger is not the only one who believes these permits being available online is a good thing either. Take it from Mickey Brunkhorst, a student who received his permit online.

“I think it’s easier for students now just because of the fact you don’t have to go in anywhere and fill out any paperwork,” he said. “It’s just in the best interest of most students to be able to do things online in this period of time, too.”

So far, technical difficulties have not been an issue with the permits. Luckily, if something does arise to make the online permits an issue, the Wayne State staff has the means to fix it via NATS.